Learn How to Make a Bias Strip
Image courtesy of Quilter's Companion Magazine
Instructions for Making a Continuous Bias
Refer to the Diagram Above
Step 1: Fold your fabric to for a right angle triangle. Trim the excess from the side to make an exact triangle of the square.

Step 2: Cut along the fold to create 2 triangles from the square, see Step 1. Above.

Step 3: With right sides together place the long sides of the triangles across each other and match the shorter sides with the corners on the outer edges, see Step 2. Sew a small ¼” seam and iron open.

Step 4: Open out. On the wrong side begin to mark lines 2” apart all the way across the fabric, continuing up to the top edge. Refer Step 3.

Step 5: Fold the left and right edges to form a tube, the seam lines will be laying on top of each other. Offset the top and bottom using the drawn lines. Sew the seam as before with a small ¼”. Iron the seam open. See Step 4.

Step 6: Begin to cut along the drawn line, cutting around the tube.

Step 7: Take a 1” bias maker and feed the long strip through to fold the edges inwards to create your bias strip.