$12.00 AUD
Maverick Quilt
Finished Size: 55" x 55"
Please remember that American Fat Quarters are 2” smaller than
Australian cut Fat Quarters. You will not get 16 x 5” squares
from an American FQ so please buy 2 of each (this leave
leftovers) or 30cm pieces off the bolt.

6 Australian cut Fat Quarters or
30cm of 3 print and 3 plains( or small print)
(I used flying prints and 3 mini chevrons, not totally plain)
1.7 meters of feature fabric
(I used this amount as i fussy cut my aeroplanes, so allow more
or less if you need it, see my cutting diagram to help you decide,
the difference is 20cm)
1.5 meters of border fabric
(this is the small 1” borders on all the blocks)
50cm for binding
3.2 meters of backing or 1.6 of a Wide Backing fabric
1.6 meters of batting

TIP:You can make your quilt bigger by adding a full final border
around your quilt. You would need an extra 1.8 meters of fabric
for a 10” border.
I used 'Maverick' material by Riley Blake
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